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  • ★★★★★ -> Perfect balance between performance and size, Eliminating 100% Limescale From Your Home and providing the extra cleaning power when needed. ► Proudly Designed by Water2Buy™ for Hard Water Areas. ► This Ultra-Quiet Automatic Meter Softener Fits Neatly Under Your Kitchen Sink Providing Round-The-Clock Soft Water for You & Your Family at A Fraction Of The Normal Cost.
  • ★★★★★ Package Includes: W2B500 with FREE By-Pass Valve Pre-Fitted (worth £50), 3/4″ Fittings & Power Supply. ► You’ll need some additional items: Additional items for install: Connection hoses, Waste & Overflow KitSearch Amazon (B008CD00NO & B01FSNDHS0)
  • ★★★★★ “Water Filtration Made Easy” Is The Water2Buy™ Motto. The Latest Manual Has Easy to Follow Diagrams Giving You a Simple Step-By-Step Guide. ► Of Course, We’ll Back You Up with Our World Famous Customer Service if You Need Help, ✶ Rated 95%+ on Amazon! ✶ ► WATCH the Demo Install Video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/oqoge9d9zpe
  • ★★★★★ For 1-7 People ► Hardness Range Up To 500 PPM ► Providing An Average Of 1250 Litres Of Soft Water Per Day. ► Designed to Use All Types of Softener Salt, The Wide, Easy-Load Lid Is Removable to Allow Use of Block, Crystal or Tablet Salt. ► With Efficiency in Mind We Designed the W2B500 to Only Use Salt During a Regeneration. Regeneration Cleans the Patented IonX™ Resin Inside, Keeping It Working Efficiently.
  • Hardness range: Up to 500 PPM


Warranty: 7 Years parts warranty 
Guarantee: 30 Day money back Free return. 
Shipping: Free 
Control valve: Meter (Only use salt after a pre-set volume of water is used) 
Connection size: 22mm (3/4″) 
Power Supply: 12V

Connection hoses are not supplied, buy are available from water2buy.

Using ion exchange technology and Water2buy’s ionX resin, this water softener removes hard calcium and magnesium ions from your water leaving you with completely soft water. Soft water extends the life of your plumbing by breaking down existing hardness in the system and preventing future damage.

Water2buy water softeners have an automatically wash cycle which regenerates the ionX resin and keeps it working efficiently. The regeneration process uses a salt and water solution to recharge the ionX resin. The primary cost in running a water softener is the salt. A water softener uses on average one 25Kg bag of salt every 2 months, this will vary depending on the amount of water you use. Meter water softeners only use salt after a pre-set volume of water is used. Timer water softeners use salt every day at a pre-set time. The only effective way to soften water in your home is to install an ion exchange water softener directly to your mains water supply.

Box contents: 
1 Water softener 
1 Cover 
1 Power supply transformer 
1 Packet of Silicon lube 
2 In/Out plumbing connections 
1 Install guide 
1 Bypass valve adjustment tool 
1 Bypass assembly

Service Flow Rate: 118 Lt per minute @ inlet pressure 2.45 Bar 
Min Water Pressure: 1.03 Bar 
Max Water Pressure: 6.89 Bar 
Cabinet salt capacity: 17Kg of salt (approx) 
Salt type: Crystal / Cubed salt 
Temperature Range: 0-40°C

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