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MYTHS ABOUT WATER SOFTENERS: Myth No. 8 – You don’t need a water softener if you have city water.

This might be one of the biggest misconceptions of all. Water softeners are most-commonly found in homes where there is a private well using ground water. In that case, the water almost always needs softening. However, municipal water is rarely

MYTHS ABOUT WATER SOFTENERS: Myth No. 7 – Water softeners cost a lot of money.

Putting a water softener in your home will require an initial investment. However, it will save you quite a bit of your hard earned money in the long run. Yes, your water softener will use electricity, you’ll have to buy

MYTHS ABOUT WATER SOFTENERS: Myth No. 6 – Water softeners waste water and energy.

It’s true that some water softeners can waste water and salt during the regeneration process. This is a cycle your system goes through to re-charge the media with sodium ions. Today, there are high efficiency models available to homeowners. There

MYTHS ABOUT WATER SOFTENERS: Myth No. 5 – Soft water leaves a film on your skin.

Some people notice a different feeling on their skin when they first shower in soft water. It feels slick, and some might even say slimy. This is not a film being left behind on your skin, and it isn’t soap

MYTHS ABOUT WATER SOFTENERS: Myth No. 4 – Water softening takes away healthy minerals.

When some people hear how water softeners remove calcium and minerals they think the softening process is taking away important nutrients. After all, calcium and magnesium can benefit things like bone health. The truth is that the calcium and magnesium

MYTHS ABOUT WATER SOFTENERS: Myth No. 3 – Water softeners purify water.

Water softeners are specifically designed to reduce the hardness of water. They do an excellent job of removing minerals and metals that cause scale and create all sorts of household headaches. However, water softeners do not filter out all contaminants.

MYTHS ABOUT WATER SOFTENERS: Myth No. 2 – The amount of sodium in softened water is unhealthy.

How much sodium a water softener adds to your water depends on how hard your home’s water is in the first place. That being said, the typical amount of sodium in softened water is too small to have any sort

MYTHS ABOUT WATER SOFTENERS: Myth No. 1 – Water softeners put salt in your water

It’s easy to understand why people make this mistake. However, you are not drinking salt water if you install a water softener in your home. It’s true that you you’ll need water softener salts, but you shouldn’t taste salt in

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Water2buy 25Kg Crystals Salt

SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS salt crystals are made from very pure salt SOFT-SEL® CRYSTALS is appropriate for the treatment of drinking water and water used to manufacture food products The crystal shape of the salt stimulates a regular brine production and prevents

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