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Volete sapere come configurare il vostro contatore addolcitore d’acqua

Volete sapere come configurare il vostro contatore dell’acqua? Bene, questo video fa per voi. Prima di tutto bisogna familiarizzare con i tasti. Ci sono 4 pulsanti sul contatore di controllo. Il pulsante “menu”. Il pulsante “ set”. Il pulsante di scorrimento versol l’alto. E il pulsante di scorrimento verso il basso. Assicuratevi di aver collegato il depuratore. Ora possiamo utilizzare...

How To Fix Your Water Softener Advanced Troubleshooting by Water2buy

  This video is an advanced troubleshooting video for water softeners, we recommend going through the checks in the basic troubleshooting video first. This check only applies to meter water softeners Check the meter cable is attached correctly and clean the contacts. Check that this clicked in place, it should not pull out of its socket easily. Occasionally dust can stop...

Water Softener Manual – download the latest Water2buy water softener manual in PDF

Download the latest water softener manual from water2buy. We print our paper manuals in bulk so it’s always a good idea to download the latest PDF for the best guide when setting up your water softener. We recommend following the settings in the PDF guide above all other sources including printed manuals and videos.