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How to Start a Manual Regeneration on a Meter Water Softener(Pre C30)

Starting a manual regeneration on your meter water softener is a simple process. This video will show you exactly how to do it. This method will only work for water softeners that have C29 or below on the back of

Removing Limescale

Did You Know? Having hard water in your home can cause limescale to build up in your pipes and appliances. As the limescale builds up it causes major issues to your plumbing, as well as costing you more in appliance

How To Configure Your Meter Water Softener Video

Water2buy is pleased to announce the arrival of our newest animation, designed specifically to help our customers set their Water2buy water softener’s settings that best suites them. This animation will help anybody who has the W2B 200, W2B 500 and

How to Choose the Right Water Softener for You

Considering getting a water softener for your home? The Following video will help you understand what is needed to decide which is the right water softener for you and your home. We at Water2buy like to take care of all

How you can easily install your water2buy water softener

Our new video easily demonstrates installing your water2buy water softener. 1)       Before you begin install please make sure you have read the water2buy installation policy in your product manual. All installations should comply with all local codes, regulations and ordinances.

How to set your your meter controlled water softener

Once your meter controlled water softener is installed, you will need to set correct configurations for it. For doing that you will need to use 4 buttons on the control valve. These buttons are: – MENU button; – SET button;

Water softener buying guide

Bellow are a few tips that you should take in to account when you are buying water softener. 1. Water softener type. There are 2 types of water softeners: meter controlled and timer controlled units. Meter controlled unit performs regeneration

What is the difference between a metered controlled water softener and a timer controlled water softener?

The main difference between these water softeners is that a meter controlled unit measures the amount of water being used in the household when the water usage hits a preset level then the unit regenerates (goes through cleaning cycle), while

What should I do if water is still hard after installing water softener?

If your water is still hard after you installed water softener then there are 4 things that you should check: 1. Check if the bypass valves are opened. Use the supplied tool to turn the red bypass valves fully clockwise.

What should I do if my water softener is not using salt?

This problem is usually caused because the salt has formed the ‘bridge’ and is ‘sitting’ over the water level. To resolve this problem remove the lid from the water softener tank and use the brush handle to push the salt