W2B800 by Water2Buy Water Softeners

  • ★★★★★ ->Efficient, Reliable And Robust The Water Softener That Packs A Mighty Punch, Eliminating 100% Limescale From Your Home. ► Proudly Designed by Water2Buy™ for Hard Water Areas the W2B800 is the Perfect Balance Between Size, Efficiency & Economy. ► This Ultra-Quiet Automatic Meter Softener Fits Neatly Garage/Utility Room/Basement Providing Round-The-Clock Soft Water for You & Your Family at A Fraction Of The Normal Cost.
  • ★★★★★ ->Package Includes: W2B800 with FREE By-Pass Valve Pre-Fitted (worth £50), 1″ Fittings & Power Supply. ► You’ll need some additional items: Additional items for install: Connection hoses, Waste & Overflow KitSearch Amazon (B009SP9W2U & B01FSNDHS0)
  • ★★★★★ ->”Water Filtration Made Easy” Is The Water2Buy™ Motto. The Latest Manual Has Easy to Follow Diagrams Giving You a Simple Step-By-Step Guide. ► Of Course, We’ll Back You Up with Our World Famous Customer Service if You Need Help, ✶ Rated 95%+ on Amazon! ✶ ► WATCH the Demo Install Video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/oqoge9d9zpe
  • ★★★★★ ->For 1-10 People House ► Hardness Range Up To 500 PPM ► Providing An Average Of 3680 Litres Of Soft Water Per Day. ► Designed to Use All Types of Softener Salt, The Wide, Easy-Load Lid Is Removable to Allow Use of Block, Crystal or Tablet Salt. ► With Efficiency in Mind We Designed the W2B800 to Only Use Salt During a Regeneration. Regeneration Cleans the Patented IonXTM Resin Inside, Keeping It Working Efficiently.
  • ★★★★★ ->The Quiet Cleaning Cycle Takes About 30 Min & Begins Automatically When A Pre-Set Amount Of Water Is Used, It’s Also Smart Enough To Delay The Cleaning Until 3am While You Sleep! Less Efficient Softeners Use Salt Daily. ► Customer Feedback Suggests That The Average Customer Uses About A 25kg Bag Of Salt Every 5-6 Weeks. ► SAVE 50% Buy Now!

Product description

★ Efficient, reliable and robust the Water Softener that packs a mighty punch, eliminating all Limescale from your home.

The W2B800 has been given the highest rating of any Water Softener on Amazon. We guarantee satisfaction.30-day money back, FREE returns & a rock solid 7 Year warranty for long-term peace of mind. So Buy Now and start the W2B800 experience.

The W2B800 is designed to be compatible with most German heating systems including Combi boilers and should be installed on a cold water supply. The W2B800 will not affect water pressure. The built-in mixer valve allows you to adjust the water hardness. Standard 1″ plumbing fittings are included. Fittings available from Water2Buy. Additional items for install: Connection hoses, Waste & Overflow Kit Search Amazon (B009SP9W2U & B01FSNDHS0)

Limescale destroys your appliances, your heating and even your clothes. After experiencing the soft water from the W2B800 you’ll be amazed! Soft water can be used throughout your home, if you are concerned about sodium in your water, install a drinking tap before the softener branch, this is a personal taste. 1000’s of customers drink softened water. Sodium ions are not the same as salt, ‘salt’ is not added to your water by the softening process. The amount of sodium in a pint of soft water is less than the sodium in a slice of bread.

Locate the W2B800 near a power source and drains for the waste and overflow. Units installed outside must be insulated from the elements, frost damage will invalidate the warranty. We recommend a resin cleaner and a clean out of the salt tank annually.

The unit size is W:225mm X D:475mm X H:1110mm with approx. 150mm extra space required at the rear for connection hoses. Leave overhead space for removing the cover where possible.

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