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Updated: 04/08/2020


Ditto last month, deliveries of all items are operating as normal.
or better than normal.

We hope you’ve had a good summer.

All the Best
Kevin & The W2B Team



Updated: 03/07/2020


Good news, deliveries of all items are operating as normal.
Short and sweet…

All the Best
Kevin & The W2B Team


Updated: 08/06/2020


We’ve been updating this note over the past few months to keep you informed that we’re still going strong.
We’ve kept the doors open all through this downtime and want to say thank you to all of you who have supported us.
Water2Buy supply water filtration equipment all over Europe so we’ve been in contact with customers in 30 countries since last March.

Water2Buy is in a strong position to keep you in water filtration equipment and keep supporting your long-term warranties.
In the first bulletin we encouraged you to stay together, now as Europe and the world open up we encourage you to come together and reflect on our relationship with each other and our planet.

All the Best
Kevin & The W2B Team


Updated: 07/05/2020


Thank you for continuing to choose Water2Buy, we’ve had a great response from our loyal customers.
We will continue to ship orders so keep placing them and we’ll all keep going!

All the Best
Kevin & The W2B Team


Updated: 30/03/2020


Thank you for considering Water2Buy for your water treatment needs.
We’re glad to report that we’re still open for business.

We hope that you and your family are keeping safe and well, stay together and we’ll all sail through this.

Water2Buy are still delivering, we’ve been assured by our distribution partners FedEx, DPD and Amazon that deliveries are functioning near-normal capacity with some delays in some areas.
Everything is getting through to all destinations in the UK and EU with a day or two delay at most.

Thank you for all the support you have given us by continuing to support our business, I know you’ve probably had to face some hard decisions at the moment.
We’re trying our best to serve you and be responsible citizens at the same time. We’re keeping staff working from home where possible and have a small staff working in our European fulfillment center for parcel processing.

Stay Safe
Kevin & The W2B Team

Our previous update from last week is here:

Le Chéile Together

Water filtration made easy…

Thanks for taking the time to find out about Water2Buy. Our mission is to “Make water filtration easy
That’s what it says under our logo.
It’s there to remind all the people who work here what our purpose is, and to commit a promise to you, our lovely community of clean water loving customers.

If you want to know more…what does it mean…”Water filtration made easy”

Water filtration made easy is a 5 part promise designed to breakdown barriers, it’s hard to trust other companies, we get it. Lets be friends, lets work together to get you clean water and lets be human about it.

Easy to choose
We promise that you will get clear non technical information to make it easy to pick the right equipment for your needs without needing to be an expert.

Easy to buy
You’ll find our website easy, fast and secure when paying. No tricks or last minute fees, the price you see is the price you pay.

Easy delivery & returns
Your water softener will be delivered free of charge and you can return it for free if there is any defect. You’re in charge until you’re happy.

Easy setup
If you can plug in a dishwasher you can plugin a water2buy water softener, if you can’t we’ll install it for you with a water2Buy pro. Simply book in and we’ll turn up with a smile.

Easy for life
When you join us you become part of our community, if there’s any problems we’ll make it easy for you to get them fixed. We start out with a 7 year warranty.

We’re committed to this promise and we’ll be the first to say that sometimes we get it wrong. We are human after-all but that’s what makes us great to deal with.
Rome was not built in a day, but we’re committed. We don’t stop and we won’t stop in our mission. Thank you.