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How to Change Motor or Circuit Board W2B200

Trouble Shooting Guide W2B200

Start-up Guide W2B200

Testing your Water Hardness

Performing the test: Dip a test strip in a water sample for 5 seconds. Remove and hold in the air for 10 seconds, do not shake. Water2Buy Water hardness teststrips are designed to indicate the approximate water hardness level in your water. The test strips should be used within 24hrs of opening as the water […]

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Water Softener Not Working

Water Softener Is Beeping

We are very sorry to hear that water softener is beeping when it is doing a regeneration  A part would need to be change on the water softener  If you email us at [email protected] we will get the part send out to you    How to change the part  In front of control head on front mask […]

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