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Still Seeing Limescale After Installing Water Softener

How To Choose The Right Water Softener

METER ERR Setting solution

Please calibrate the unit according to the attached pdf instruction on the bottom for the metric type. If your buttons on the unit are different than the buttons in pdf then please read the following. The button which looks like two paper in the pdf is the same as a square button (or you may […]

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When the screen is unlocked you will see a number underneath, the time that looks like 00.55T [ The number may be different for you ] This is the remaining capacity in your water softener before it needs to do its next regeneration. The number shown is the volume of water that you will need […]

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Water filtration made easy

What’s easy? “Water filtration made easy” is promise designed to breakdown barriers. Easy to choose You should find it easy to pick the product you need, no confusing terms or endless variations of the same product. We’ll give an easy answer to any question you have.Easy to buy The price you see is the price […]

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Water2buy have every part for installing or repairing your Reverse Osmosis. These links will take you to the various part categories in the water2buy store.

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