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How To Start A WordPress Blog – Easy Guide – Create A Blog (2020) (3)

Meta description editor, to easily add relevant meta descriptions site-wide and customize for individual pages and posts. Match the pages you made the changes and the page you are viewing. You won’t see any noticeable impact on your images’ quality, but chances are they’ll take up a lot less space. In a nutshell, lazy loading […]

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Le Chéile Together

Le Chéile Together You feel good when you feel part of something good. The successful community is driven by emotion – it’s the feeling of belonging. Apple do it fairly well. It’s made up of people who love to serve, and people who want to be served by them. If the thought of loving Apple […]

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How to register your warranty

Your Water Softener Comes with a 1 year warranty as standard but this can be upgraded to a 7 year warranty free of charge. All you need to do is use the water2buy app, pick your product and register it. visit When you bought your product we emailed you a warranty number. You can […]

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Water2Buy Pro – Water Softener Installation Service

Did you know Water2Buy provide an installation service? Our network of Water2Buy Pros can provide a fixed price installation You can find more details and book a Water Softener install here.

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How to maintain your water softener system at home?

Do you know if the water softener installed in your home is serving its purpose of removing limescale from your water? Are you taking enough care to maintain the system which provides you with soft-water? Maybe its not doing the job you think , when was the last time you checked? In this video we […]

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Grow Your Plumbing Business

Water Softener Installation

Are you a Plumber looking to grow your Business or start out on your own? Find out how Water2Buy Pro can help Grow your Plumbing Business Get local Quality referrals from Water2Buy Customers Get trade price equipment Access to ProForce App free Free tech support from our customer service and technicians. Now accepting applications in […]

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