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How to replace filters on a reverse osmosis system and perform a service

We put together this simple video to demonstrate how easy it it to replace the filters on your reverse osmosis system. While replacing filters it’s a really good idea to sanitize and perform a simple service on your system. The video is less than 5 minutes long. Water2buy recommends you perform a service on your […]

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How To Fix Your Water Softener Advanced Troubleshooting by Water2buy

This video is an advanced troubleshooting video for water softeners, we recommend going through the checks in the basic troubleshooting video first. This check only applies to meter water softeners Check the meter cable is attached correctly and clean the contacts. Check that this clicked in place, it should not pull out of its socket easily. […]

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How To Fix Your Water Softener Basic Troubleshooting by Water2buy

These checks resolve 95% of the issues with water softeners so we recommend you carefully go through the following steps. The best way to determine if there is a problem with the water softener is to check your water hardness. To check your water hardness take a sample of water from the back of your […]

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Install Your Reverse Osmosis Unit Easily

This video demonstrates how easy it is to install your Water2buy Reverse Osmosis System. The  water2buy reverse osmosis system  removes the large majority of contaminants from your water  leaving you with clean drinking water. Turn off your mains water before installing your reverse osmosis system. Respect all local plumbing codes when installing this equipment. The […]

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Water Softener Installation Video

This video demonstrates how easy it is to install your Water2buy water softener. A water softener removes and eliminates limescale throughout the home saving you money annually. Your water softener comes with plumbing fittings, an allen key and a transformer. You’ll need need some braided hoses, elbow joints, pipe inserts, jubilee clips, two 15 mm […]

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Drinking Water Filter Installation

The Water2buy Drinking Water System can be installed in under 20 minutes, this installing video will help and guide you through every step of the way. This video demonstrates how easy it is to install your W2B 50 Drinking Water System. The W2B 50 drinking water system is designed to remove chlorine, sediment, and volatile organic compounds from your […]

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