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Water softener installation service Water2buy Pro now Europe wide

Dublin: Ireland Water2buy Pro, the installation service from Water2buy for it’s popular range of water filtration systems, has launched Europe-wide. Available since 2019 in the UK, Water2buy has expanded the service all over Europe. Water2buy water softeners are the number one rated water softeners on Amazon all over Europe and are listed as the editors […]

Le Chéile Together

Le Chéile Together You feel good when you feel part of something good. The successful community is driven by emotion – it’s the feeling of belonging. Apple do it fairly well. It’s made up of people who love to serve, and people who want to be served by them. If the thought of loving Apple […]

Removing Limescale

Did You Know? Having hard water in your home can cause limescale to build up in your pipes and appliances. As the limescale builds up it causes major issues to your plumbing, as well as costing you more in appliance maintenance costs. Fight The Limescale Having a water softener that uses an ion exchange process […]

Please see the attached notice regarding a major product recall for today April 1st.

Please see the attached notice regarding a major product recall for today April 1st.

Proudly shipping all over Europe

We did a recent drill down into our orders to see where you all come from. Here’s a little pin map representing all the countries in which we’ve customers. Looks like you’ve been busy finding us and we’ve been busy wrapping and shipping! It makes us really happy to know that our water softeners are […]

Water2buy Trade

  Water2buy supply trade customers all over Europe with quality water filtration equipment a fantastic prices. Are you a plumber or installer that currently installs or is looking to install water filtration equipment? Look no further: Water2buyTM trade can supply with a range of water softeners, filters, reverse osmosis systems and more. We can ship […]

Water2buy filters to be used on NASA mission to mars

Water2buy have partnered with NASA in an important joint venture affecting the future of mankind. OH NO HE DIDN’T JUST APRIL FOOL ME DID HE… 🙂   oh yes he did…. now go spread the fun… Last night at a press conference at their famous Heston Texas base, NASA announced that water2buy filters would be […]

its been a while

Howdy It’s been a while since I posted you an update from water2buy’s famous Friday afternoon piece of prose, so what better day than the day of love to get back in the saddle – no pun intended 😉 We’ve been re-focusing a lot around here and I’ll share some of the stuff we’ve been […]

Onwards and upwards towards the stars

It’s the weekend and I hope you are feeling that fuzzy Friday feeling. It’s been a hugely energetic start to the year hear at Water2buy central. There’s a great buzz of progress around the place. This week we completed the first in a series of new animated shorts to quickly and easily demonstrate how to […]

I’m a problem solver

Hello, and a belated happy new year! I missed sending an email last week because it’s been an ‘all guns blazing’ start to the year. I was up early this morning to drive to the other office on the far side of the country, a nice thing when you don’t have to do it often […]

Credit cards toasted on an open fire

Happy Christmas folks! I’ve well and truly burned out my credit card this time. There’s a long build up to Christmas this year, with a weekend in front of it there’s plenty of time go cram in even more boxes of Roses and Tins of Biscuits. I spent Sunday shopping for the ‘really hard to […]

Sunny Decembers and Christmas Jumpers

Hi I hope you are having a very fine Friday afternoon indeed… maybe it’s time you got yourself a nice tea or coffee and begin to unwind – Or you could jump about, burning off excess energy because you’re so super excited that the season of good will has arrived. This is, in fact, a […]

Train of thought for Friday afternoon

Hi again This week I ate sprouts. What is it about December? Sprouts seem to come out of every corner. A pack materialised in my fridge. There’s a nice thing you can do with them, boil them, boil some baby potatoes, if you can get chestnuts – bonus, add all to the pan with some […]

We just came to say HELLO.

Hi Water2buy Friends We’ve been doing some thinking. (hey…easy on the jokes) After lots of cups of tea and mountains of rich tea biscuits we’ve come up with this amazing realisation! We spend all out time wrapping up boxes, improving the website and generally running around frantically fulfilling filtration orders, that we’ve totally forgot to […]

Is you Child drinking enough water?

Sometimes life gets so busy that its easy to overlook the little things that make a big difference. Such is often the case with simple pure drinking water. With the abundance of fizzy drinks and sugary juice drinks available, it is easy to lose track of what children’s water consumption is. According to an article […]

Water and Pets

Animals can bring a unique sense of continuity, stability and love to our lives. In fact, studies indicate that companion animals have a positive influence on the quality of life for the aging and ill. Because they are like family to those that really love them, pets should be treated as such. With that in […]

Why filtered water is better than bottled water

Doesn’t it seem mad to be buying water in bottles? The concerns of people over the quality and safety of tap water led to the growth of the bottled water industry. These concerns are as real as ever. Bottled water is not a healthy alternative to tap water. Some brands are actually just tap water […]

10 Reasons to Drink Water

As if you needed them! But here’s our list… Water is absolutely essential to the human body’s survival. A person can live for about a month without food, but only about a week without water Water helps to maintain healthy body weight by increasing metabolism and regulating appetite. Water leads to increased energy levels. The […]

Water as the source of Beauty

Ever since the disciplines came into being, scientists and alternative therapists have been trying to solve the puzzle surrounding the effects of that primordial substance, water. The cosmetics industry has long since followed suit and processes this source of natural beauty into scented concoctions which, packaged in attractive pots, bottles and tubes, are supposed to […]

How to choose a Water Softener System that Works

Some areas of the country homes are affected daily by hard water. Hard water merely means there is too much mineral count in the water. This can make it harder to clean. The minerals are also known to deposit scale within pipes which causes clogging. Water softening is a process where magnesium and calcium are […]

1.3 million drinking unsafe water from problem plants

UP to 1.3 million people are drinking mains tap water which is not safe because the plants treating it are old and need to be replaced. The Irish Independent has learned that 290 treatment plants across the State must be upgraded because they are out of date and not making the water safe for drinking. […]