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Grow Your Plumbing Business

Water Softener Installation

Are you a Plumber looking to grow your Business or start out on your own? Find out how Water2Buy Pro can help Grow your Plumbing Business Get local Quality referrals from Water2Buy Customers Get trade price equipment Access to ProForce App free Free tech support from our customer service and technicians. Now accepting applications in […]

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What does meter delayed, immediate and overide mean on meter softener settings?

Meter delayed – counts down the water usage , e.g  you set your reg capacity to 0.70T  when you use water it will count down, when this reaches 0.0T the unit will regenerate at the current time set for this 3am Meter Immediate– This is  for the unit to regenerate immediately so if you change […]

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So konfigurieren Sie Ihr Meter Wasserenthärter-Video

Water2buy freut sich, die Ankunft unserer neuesten Animation bekannt zu geben, die speziell entwickelt wurde, um unseren Kunden zu helfen, die Einstellungen ihres Water2buy Wasserenthärters festzulegen, die ihnen am besten entsprechen. Diese Animation wird jedem, der die W2B 200, W2B 500 und w2B 800 hat, helfen, ihre Einstellungen zu durchlaufen und sicherzustellen, dass sie auf […]

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How To Configure Your Meter Water Softener Video

Water2buy is pleased to announce the arrival of our newest animation, designed specifically to help our customers set their Water2buy water softener’s settings that best suites them. This animation will help anybody who has the W2B 200, W2B 500 and the W2B 800 to go through their settings and make sure they are set to […]

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