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How to maintain your water softener system at home?

Do you know if the water softener installed in your home is serving its purpose of removing limescale from your water? Are you taking enough care to maintain the system which provides you with soft-water? Maybe its not doing the job you think , when was the last time you checked? In this video we […]

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What does meter delayed, immediate and overide mean on meter softener settings?

Meter delayed – counts down the water usage , e.g  you set your reg capacity to 0.70T  when you use water it will count down, when this reaches 0.0T the unit will regenerate at the current time set for this 3am Meter Immediate– This is  for the unit to regenerate immediately so if you change […]

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What is the difference between a timered and a metered water softener?

The difference between a timered (W2B110)  and a metered (W2B200) water softener is that the timered unit regenerates every 3-4days regardless as its set on a timed basis  and the metered unit and will only regenerate when a certain amount of water is used in the home which makes this unit more efficient on water […]

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How To Fix Your Water Softener Advanced Troubleshooting by Water2buy

This video is an advanced troubleshooting video for water softeners, we recommend going through the checks in the basic troubleshooting video first. This check only applies to meter water softeners Check the meter cable is attached correctly and clean the contacts. Check that this clicked in place, it should not pull out of its socket easily. […]

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How To Fix Your Water Softener Basic Troubleshooting by Water2buy

These checks resolve 95% of the issues with water softeners so we recommend you carefully go through the following steps. The best way to determine if there is a problem with the water softener is to check your water hardness. To check your water hardness take a sample of water from the back of your […]

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Water Softener Installation Video

This video demonstrates how easy it is to install your Water2buy water softener. A water softener removes and eliminates limescale throughout the home saving you money annually. Your water softener comes with plumbing fittings, an allen key and a transformer. You’ll need need some braided hoses, elbow joints, pipe inserts, jubilee clips, two 15 mm […]

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