Installation W2B EasyRO

 Before installing make sure you have turned off your mains water. Please respect your local plumbing codes and regulations. Thank you.

 Use the 6mm / 1/4" tubing with this fitting. Use the 3-way T-valve where 15mm / 1/2" pipes are available. Unscrew your main Kitchen faucet from the main cold water pipe. Add the 3-way T-valve with the rubber washers. If your pipework is a different size to the 3-way T-valve then use a saddle valve. Mounts the saddle valve on your cold water pipe and clamp in place. Twist tapping screw to pierce the pipe and then untwist to allow the water flows  
 Use the 9.5mm / 3/8" tubing with this fitting. Mount the tap on your kitchen basin. The maximum depth of the mounting worktop or basin is 15mm / 1/2". Secure the tap with the fittings. Push on the straight connector onto the tap.  Use the 6mm / 1/4" tubing with this fitting. Add the waste fitting. The waste fitting must have an airgap to prevent backflow into the system. Mount your waste fitting over the U-bend or airtrap 

 Use the 9.5mm / 3/8″ tubing with this fitting. Use PTFE thread on the tank valve. Screw the valve onto the top of the tank, include the rubber washer. Open the valve. [/toggles] Check for leaks at all joints every 30 minutes until satisfied that there are no leaks. Flush out the system with 10 litres of water before using. We recommend you sanatise filters and connections with a food grade sanitiser

.Video: Demonstration of installation with plumbing. 


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