METER ERR Setting solution

Please calibrate the unit according to the attached pdf instruction on the bottom for the metric type.
If your buttons on the unit are different than the buttons in pdf then please read the following.
The button which looks like two pieces of paper in the pdf is the same as a square button (or you may have set) on your unit.
The square button in pdf is the same as a tick (or you may have SELECT) on your unit.
So to start, you need to press the tick (or select) + up + down buttons.

In front of the control head on the front mask in the middle is a knob. This knob turns around 360° during regeneration. In the middle of the knob is a screw under the sticker. If you unscrew it then you are able to remove the knob. Then on right and on the left side of the head is always one screw. Unscrew these two screws and then remove the front mask. Then you see the motherboard so you can swap it.

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