Still Seeing Limescale After Installing Water Softener

1. Check if two red valves on the bypass on back of the unit are fully opened. If they are open the red handles are in paralel position. If they are closed then the red handles are pointing to each other.

2. Check the water level in the brine tank. When the brine tank is empty of salt then the water level should be about ¼ or 1/3 inside the brine tank. If there is too much water follow WATER SOFTENER OVERFLOWS. If there is less or no water then follow NO WATER IN BRINE TANK.

3. a) On the main display in first line is the day time and type of regeneration. It should look as this eg. 14:01 MD. Is that correct?

 Video: How To Fix Your Water Softener Basic Troubleshooting by Water2buy

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