Water Softener Not Working


Check if two red valves on the bypass on back of the unit are fully opened. If they are open the red handles are in paralel position. If they are closed then the red handles are pointing to each other.






Water softener Reg.cap number does not decreasing

The second line is REG.CAP number it should look approx. as this eg. 02.53T (You have there probably different number. This is the only example). This REG.CAP. the number should be counting down to zero when you use the water.

If the Reg.Cap number does not decreasing, Visit: The Water Softener Doesn’t Regenerate Automatically


If Step 1 and Step 2 is working
Check if the Water softener is using salt or not using salt
If softener using salt move to step 4
Step 1 & 2 would need to be check first if not using salt

Still not using salt
Check if water is in salt tank: No Water In Brine Tank


Test the water 

  1. When testing our water hardness make sure you use a water hardness test stirp and not a TDS PEN tds pen does not test for water hardness. When doing a test we recommend testing the water on the back of the water softener on the outlet pipe of the water softener to get the best reading

To know more about how to test water please watch this video from time 0.09 to 0.39



 If your water softener is over one year old a service would be needed and the service to be clean

Visit: Annual Maintenance

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