W2B CRO400 Reverse Osmosis+Pro Installation |

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Water2Buy Pro Installation

When it comes to installing your new water filtration system, you need someone you can trust.
Our team of experienced Water2By Pros will complete your water softener or reverse osmosis installation from start to finish ensuring the best performance from your appliance. Our installers are fully insured to provide this service and installation is available in selected parts of the United Kingdom.

We are currently proving install coverage ALL OVER UK & EUROPE.

You can now get one of our Pro Installers to Install your products at an amazing fixed rate.

What's included with this installation?
Turning off the water
Startup and programming of the new appliance
We will install the water softener within 1metre of the mains water pipework.
Water softener and Reverse Osmosis need access to power, drainage and a suitable overflow location.

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W2BCRO-400 Reverse Osmosis System

  • The W2BCRO-400 removes 99% of over 1000 water contaminants from water including fluoride, chlorine, bacteria, metals, nitrates, drug residues.
  • Generates approximately 1500 litres of filtered water every day, for both city and well water.
  • Works water pressure as low as 1 bar and does not need a storage tank.
  • Easy DIY fitting or installation service available.
  1. Built in leak detection with flashing indicator and audible alarm
  2. Enjoy great water pressure with the build in pump
  3. easy load top loading filters are replaceable in minutes
  4. Membrane filtering .05 Micron filtering removing heavy metals like lead, chromium and chemicals like fluoride
  5. Taste and odor filtration, A final polish of the water for a smooth taste and no bad odors
  6. Elegant tap and modern design to complement your kitchen.
  7. Use the free Water2Buy easyConnect app for easy setup.

Water2Buy Pro Local Installation service