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Water2Buy Iron Manganese and Lime Removal Unit

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      Our Water2buy 900 Series (Meter controlled) whole house Iron Manganese and Lime removal unit is for households with up to 8 people and can deliver up to 2000* litres of Iron/Manganese and Lime free  water per day. This unit completely removes Iron Manganese and Lime from your water, and has a clean, silky feeling with no more staining of appliances. It makes bath time a luxury without the need for bath oils or bubble bath liquids. It also helps to make hair soft and easy to manage.

      *Daily soft water production varies depending on usage: In a typical scenario of 200PPM (Parts per million) hardness with 4 people in the household

      • Vertical piston
      • Abrasion resistant and durable materials
      • Superior chemical and corrosion resistant valve body constructed of Xyron a proven glass reinforced resin material
      • Very low power consumption with a single motor to keep time of day
      • No pumps used in regeneration as it uses mains water pressure
      • Accurate metering
      • NSF certified fibre glass vessel
      • Robust cabinet

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