Filter change

Before installing make sure you have turned off your mains water.
Please respect your local plumbing codes and regulations.
Thank you.

Close the T-adaptor valve to shut off the water supply
Close the ball valve on the storage tank
Open the faucet to release pressure

Filter change


Rotate the filter clockwise to release the filter.
Take off the old filter.
There will be residual water dripping from the system, so we recommend having a towel ready.

Insert the replacement filter into the slot.
Rotate the filter counter-clockwise
The line indicator shows there the filter should rotate past.

Repeat the steps with filter 2,3,5 annually, and replace filter 4 every 2 years.
We recommend sanitising your filters and connections with suitable food-grade sanitiser.

Turn on the water supply.
Open the ball valve on a storage tank

We recommend flushing out the system with 10 litres before using the water.
Turn on the tap, discoloration and air bubbles in the first 10 litres are normal.

Check for leaks at all joints every 30 minutes until satisfied that there are no leaks.

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