Storage Tank Not Filling Up

The most common reason for the water flow to slow or stop on our reverse osmosis unit is that a filter change is needed

Blocked filters - replace filters

Storage tank valve closed - Open the storage valve tank

Low pressure in the storage tank - Close the inlet valve and close the valve on the storage tank. Then disconnect the tank from the reverse osmosis system.

Open the valve on the storage tank and drain the water from the tank into your sink . Drain it till the storage tank is empty.

When it is empty check with the pressure gauge the pressure in the storage tank. There is the same valve that is on a bicycle wheel on the bottom of the storage tank for this pressure test.

The pressure should be about 7 psi when the tank is empty. Release the pressure from the valve or increase with the foot pump or compressor if needed.

If everything is fine, connect the storage tank back to the RO system. Open the inlet valve and valve on the storage tank and let the system refill back.

If the storage tank pressure is not possible to increase or decrease then the storage tank bladder is probably faulty and the whole storage tank needs to be replaced.

Airlock in system - Airlock after filter change. Close the tank and open the tap. On a non pumped reverse osmosis system open the bypass valve on the  flow restrictor for a few minutes.

Then wait till some water flows from the tap. If water flows from the tap then close the tap. Wait till the unit is pressurized (till RO stops). Then open the tank.

Faulty membrane - replace membrane

Take the membrane out of the housing and let the system fill up and if that correct the issue your having the new membrane would be needed

Broken automatic shut off valve or check valve - Let the storage tank to fill up completely so you feel it is heavy. Open the reverse osmosis tap and fill up about two glasses of water. Then close the storage tank valve.

You can disconnect the pipe from the waste clamp and put it to sink or bucket to see if water flows to the drain. During 5 minutes the Reverse osmosis unit should stop so the flow to drain should also stop. If it doesn't stop then the check valve or automatic shut off valve are broken.

If so then let the storage tank fill up so you feel it is heavy. Then close the inlet valve. Then watch the pipe to drain. If the water constantly flows to the drain then it is water from the storage tank. It means water from the storage tank comes back to the system and the check valve is broken.

If the water to drain stops the automatic shut off valve is faulty

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