HOW THE WATER SOFTENER WORKS – Water2Buy – Water Filtration Made Easy


On the Keypad hold the button down the menu button until the screen unlocks

When the screen is unlocked you will see a number underneath the time that looks like 00.55T [The number may be different for you ]This is the remaining capacity in your water softener before it needs to do its nest regeneration the number shown is the volume of water that you will need to use before the next regeneration [ .55 metric ton approximately 550 Litres ]Remember this number or write it downNext press the menu button again to enter the setting menuPress down arrow until you get to the REG.CAP menuThe number displayed here is the regeneration capacity in metric tonsyour water softener started counting down from this number and will reset to this number after the next regenerationA regeneration is a cleaning cycle for your water softenerthis setting needs to be configured correctly for your home when the softener is installedCompare the number in the reg.cap menu to the front screen number the front screen number should be lower showing that the water usage is been measured and the water softener is workingWhen the number on the front of the screen reaches zero the water softener will regenerate at that nest set time {usually set 2 am or 3 am ]