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Instant Hot Water

No more waiting around for the kettle to boil, no more realising there’s not enough water in the kettle for that pasta pan. With boiling water taps you simply fill your cup or pan directly from the tap.

Streamlined worktops

These taps can dispense either cold and or hot water. This means you can have one tap to replace not just the kettle but traditional kitchen taps, too. Perfect if you're designing a minimalist, contemporary kitchen or have little worktop space in a small kitchen.

Safe for Home

All our taps are child-friendly. the sides of these taps don’t get hot and the child-proof functionality means kids can’t turn them on by mistake, and neither can adults.

Saves Water and Energy

Using a boiling water tap is more energy efficient than boiling a kettle, but this will vary depending on how many times you boil a kettle in a day. You will also use less water, as you will only pour what you need.

Filling Hot Water Bottles

Everyone hates waiting for the kettle to boil to fill their hot water bottle on these cold evenings.