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Credit cards toasted on an open fire

Happy Christmas folks!

I’ve well and truly burned out my credit card this time. There’s a long build up to Christmas this year, with a weekend in front of it there’s plenty of time go cram in even more boxes of Roses and Tins of Biscuits. I spent Sunday shopping for the ‘really hard to buy for ones’ like mams and dads.

Shopping centres are tough environments at the best of times but going the Sunday morning after the Office Christmas party certainly makes you dig deep. I gave up coffee this year but I did have to take an espresso break or two. Dancing the night away shamelessly to the beegees 70’s medley would take it  out of anyone.

I hope that you have all the shopping done by now and that you are ready to enjoy Christmas. and by enjoy I mean, eat too much, drink too much, forget batteries, shake your head in disbelief that there are no good films on on the telly, and the only one you actually want to see is on at at 1:30am Christmas night, by which time you will be in a Turkey induced coma.

I know a lot of companies email and say ‘thank you for your business’ this time year with a snowman holding a sign, but genuinely (snowman’s aside) Thank you you wonderful people. I really mean that, we’re a small company who got a little larger this year thanks to you. It’s great people like you and great businesses like ours working together that will create jobs, drive our economies up and make a better future for us all – and hey if we all end up with great water at then end then that’s a fantastic outcome!

So that’s it for 2013, I’ve a few more things to do before I switch into full Christmas mode tomorrow.
Our delivery stops today and won’t resume until the 4th Jan. You can still order no problem but there’s no couriers running until the 3rd of January so unless we invest in super strong carrier pigeons or begin our drone program early then we just have to let the boxes pile up!

Any questions over the Christmas tweet @water2buy

See y’all in 2014