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I’m a problem solver

Hello, and a belated happy new year!

I missed sending an email last week because it’s been an ‘all guns blazing’ start to the year. I was up early this morning to drive to the other office on the far side of the country, a nice thing when you don’t have to do it often and when there’s a nice seaside and sunset to look at.

So we’ve been spending our time planning and figuring out all the tings we need to do this year to grow our business and that got me thinking…. we can’t grow our business without growing ourselves.

So here’s your new year challenge. What are your goals this year? Never mind resolutions – those are just hopes dependent on will-power (which you will run out of). What is it that you want? What will make you happy? Find out, commit yourself to getting it (Don’t be afraid to dream!), set some real numbers. If it’s financial – set an actual number to reach, if it’s something else then find a way to quantify it …a weight or whatever it is and start measuring. Set a date to achieve it by and set milestones along the way to see if you are progressing. Finally write it down, there’s nothing like writing it down to commit yourself to doing it.

Remember above all, be nice to someone this weekend do something simple for your fellow man (or woman) and spread happiness.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend.