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its been a while


It’s been a while since I posted you an update from water2buy’s famous Friday afternoon piece of prose, so what better day than the day of love to get back in the saddle – no pun intended 😉

We’ve been re-focusing a lot around here and I’ll share some of the stuff we’ve been talking about so that you might benefit from it too. (If you’re new to this newsletter and are wondering what’s going on then just go with it… we may or may not mention water filtration at some point it depends on the way the wind is blowing)

So we’ve been talking about mistakes here, and I’ve examined two types.

Mistakes of venture.
These are the types of mistakes that you make when you try something out. Maybe its new to you, maybe you don’t have all the information, maybe other people think it’s a bit silly but you do it anyway. You fail, fall flat on your face but you learn something.
These are the best mistakes you could make – make lots of these mistakes and you will go far and live a full life.

Mistakes of sloth.
These are the mistakes you make where you have the information, you don’t act. You are certainly aware that by doing or not doing something that you are damaging or hurting someone, damaging a someone else or yourself. Definitely, you are damaging yourself, that’s all that this type of mistake will ultimately achieve.
Mistakes of sloth will make you sad and miserable and ultimately full of regret.

I’ve been reading a great book ‘The four hour work week‘ by Tim Ferris – i recommend reading it what ever your situation.

So as commercial as this day may be- show some love anyway, love yourself, make mistakes of venture and live.

Lots of love and Joy