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Le Chéile Together

Le Chéile Together

You feel good when you feel part of something good.
The successful community is driven by emotion – it’s the feeling of belonging.

Apple do it fairly well.
It’s made up of people who love to serve, and people who want to be served by them.
If the thought of loving Apple that much gives you the shivers, then it’s ok, that community is not for you.
But, I’ll bet there is a community that you feel good about being in, and if it’s not a branded community then it may be your family.

You see it’s the same feeling – Family.
The same feeling you get from a brand when it’s real.
You can’t fake it, like the cheap, like me, rate me, o-m-g, re-al-it-y.

At this time as we face adversity, there’s valuable lessons for us all to learn about what’s important to us.
Building our Water2Buy community around “Together” is a good value for us to adopt.
With our core mission of “Making water filtration easy” and “Together” as our core value we’ll try our best to make something we all love and benefit from.
It takes time to build something with integrity but we’ll get there.

We hope that you and your family are keeping safe and well, stay together and we’ll all sail through this.
Thank you for all the support you have given us by continuing to support our business, I know you’ve probably had to face some hard decisions at the moment.
Sharing this message will help keep our business going, our economy going and our community going, stay together during this challenge.

Stay Safe
Kevin & The W2B Team

If you’re interested the title Le Cheile is the Irish for Together, meaning something like “each other as one”, we’re proud of our Irish roots but we’re a global company so no matter where you are on our planet we invite you to be Le Cheile.