Onwards and upwards towards the stars – Water2Buy – Water Filtration Made Easy

Onwards and upwards towards the stars

It’s the weekend and I hope you are feeling that fuzzy Friday feeling.

It’s been a hugely energetic start to the year hear at Water2buy central. There’s a great buzz of progress around the place. This week we completed the first in a series of new animated shorts to quickly and easily demonstrate how to install our products and we are two days away from a fantastic ‘Top Rated seller’ award, we are really proud of that.

Our vision is to make water filtration easy, that’s a continuous process. We spend a lot of time looking at it from your point of view…. There’s a DIY inside all of us if we just get the right support. When the first domestic appliances came out, like washing machines, the company sent out an agent to install it for you. There’s very few of us that would call someone to install a washing machine now. So that’s where we are going, there’s nothing complicated about installing a water softener, take a look at the first video we’ve made – we would love your feedback.
Easily install a water softener video


Oh yeah.. then there’s the award. Basically it means that over the last 4 months we received a rating of 95% or higher in Customer communications, Dispatch time, Postage and packaging charges and describing our items for sale. In fact we achieved a score of 100% in all of those categories.
Also. where a customer opened a support ticket we have 100% closed rate where the customers was satisfied with the outcome.
This is independently measured and we have no way to influence the numbers other than working very very hard on our game. Thank you for your very generous ratings we are blown away by your support and will continue to maintain this exceptionally high standard.
We’ve already achieved this award in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland  this adds Ireland the the UK to our list 🙂

So as you can see we are feeling good.
I hope you are feeling good – and if not don’t worry everything is seasonal bad times come and go just like the good times.

Have a great weekend