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Removing Limescale

Did You Know?
Having hard water in your home can cause limescale to build up in your pipes and appliances.
As the limescale builds up it causes major issues to your plumbing, as well as costing you more in appliance maintenance costs.

Fight The Limescale
Having a water softener that uses an ion exchange process can help to fight limescale and effectively eradicate it. As you use the water that has been soften, it starts to clean out all the appliances that use the soft water. So in other words the more soft water you use, the more limescale built up in your pipes will be removed. Eventually this process will help to clean out your home and appliances from limescale build up all together.

The Ion Exchange Process
Most modern day softeners use and ion exchange process, and not salt as is a common misconception to soften your water. Little to no salt is actually in your soft water. Although the water softeners do use salt, this is merely just to clean out the softener and the water from the hard ions.
When water enters your softener it contains hard ions such as calcium and magnesium(Ca2+ and Mg2+), the softener will then use the salt crystals or tablets to clean out these hard ions and replace them with sodium or potassium ions (Na+ and K+). The salt will then be dumped after this process. Your water softener will now produce soft water for you to use.