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Sunny Decembers and Christmas Jumpers

I hope you are having a very fine Friday afternoon indeed… maybe it’s time you got yourself a nice tea or coffee and begin to unwind – Or you could jump about, burning off excess energy because you’re so super excited that the season of good will has arrived.

This is, in fact, a very unseasonal season, weather wise.
I never thought the weather would be part of my Friday afternoon musings but we really have to draw attention to the fact that it’s 15degrees C in December. In our normally chilly environment that’s pretty phenomenal. I’ve got a photo on my phone of the car temperature from two years ago that says -8 this week. That’s 23 degrees warmer!! Something we consider balmy in our not-so-costsa-like climate.

Climate change is having a major effect. You see, now it’s warm enough to leave the jacket off and this has brought out the Christmas jumper from under the jacket. It’s like watching spring unfold. Here’s just two sample of this fine festive frolicking fever. No longer is it hidden away as a taboo, there it is on display everywhere like a badge of the ‘Hey I’m cool with this Christmas thing’ club. Is it the new novelty tie?

I’m beginning to think that I’m the one standing out or wearing a regular jumper, any day now I’m expecting to get laughed at in the street at how ridiculous i look in my ‘regular’ jumper.

All this Christmas cheer is going to our heads, it’s just one full working week left then it’s downhill, It’s a good time to add that if you buying anything from us then the last delivery day is 20th December. Allow longer if you want it for Christmas. If your shopping online elsewhere for your kids or partners then order today or tomorrow at the latest – deliveries really backup next week. (If you’re buying your kid a water softener then – bad Santa)

I hope you raised your standards as suggested last week, I’ve been taking my own medicine and have upped efforts on my own life – you almost immediately see the effect of change if you take massive and immediate action.

Have a great weekend, have a mulled wine or some Christmas pudding reward yourself because at the end of at all… you rock.