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Train of thought for Friday afternoon

Hi again

This week I ate sprouts. What is it about December? Sprouts seem to come out of every corner. A pack materialised in my fridge. There’s a nice thing you can do with them, boil them, boil some baby potatoes, if you can get chestnuts – bonus, add all to the pan with some chopped streaky bacon, season with salt and pepper…. m . m . m . m . mmmm Boy did I enjoy those. Try it out it’s good to warm up and bring for lunch too. (If you can leave your Ham sandwiches at home for one day)

Apart from eating seasonal vegetables I’ve been listening to Steven (our chief of customer happiness) tell me about the wonderful effect the Zig Zigglar has had on him. If you are involved with dealing with people face to face or even over the phone then I recommend checking Zig out. He’s primarily about sales but he’s worth a listen even if sales is the last thing on your agenda.
In fact – just look him up regardless of what you do. YouTube would be a good place to start.


Great, but success is subjective right?

Wrong. There’s a great definition of success from Earl Nightingale
“Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal.”

I really like that. It firmly puts it up to you. Success to you may or may not be money or a house or a car, so in that way it is subjective, however you must ask yourself a question (Stay with me – yes this is an email from a water treatment company)

What goal are you progressively realising?

Here’s your challenge, it’s close to that time of the year where people have great intentions and declare them as new year resolutions. Don’t wait. Get ahead of the game. That course you were thinking of, that holiday, that extra kid you were thinking of having, whatever it is, start now. NOW as in now. The very next thing you should do is google it. By doing that you’ve started a process…the progressive realisation of a worthy goal…you’re on the road to success!

So, if you only have sprouts to work with then do your best with them. They may look miserable to begin with but very little work they can turn out to be a delectable dish. or as was very eloquently put, when given lemons make lemonade.

Also… water softeners.

Have a great weekend.


p.s. Google it now – Don’t wait.