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Water as the source of Beauty

Ever since the disciplines came into being, scientists and alternative therapists have been trying to solve the puzzle surrounding the effects of that primordial substance, water. The cosmetics industry has long since followed suit and processes this source of natural beauty into scented concoctions which, packaged in attractive pots, bottles and tubes, are supposed to help in the daily fight against lines and wrinkles. But why does water actually make us more beautiful? And what do manufacturers promise when they talk about the external application of H2O?

It is indisputable that the human organism is decidedly positively influenced by a balanced hydrogenation, for water is probably its most important energy source. Our bodies consist of almost 75% water. We cannot survive without water. We lose about two and a half liters of water everyday, which we must replace, to detoxify the body, regulate temperature and support cell regeneration. In this way beauty and health go hand in hand. The correct water balance keeps the skin and connective tissue taut. As a preventative measure, it is certainly the cheaper and healthier option then Botox!

Aqua cosmetics for the hydro kick
Water is our number 1 beauty elixir. Even a cold shower can work wonders, because it stimulates circulation, strengthens the immune system and gives our skin a real, refreshing kick. If you are not so keen on the sound of that, you can splash clear water on your face to refresh it – ideally with spring water containing minerals and oxygen. Yet who has a mountain brook or even a waterfall in their back garden? In this case, the cosmetics industry aims to provide relief with a series of aqua and hydro product ranges. When used regularly, they are designed to complement the internal water balance on the outside and thus quickly make even tired and drawn-looking skin radiant again.

Even more beauty from water
For those who, alongside achieving a great complexion, also want to do something for their proverbial inner beauty, they can look to the benefits of the freshwater algae chlorella pyrenoidosa, rich in chlorophyll. For consumption, the micro algae is dried and consumed in the form of powder or tablets. As it is one of the plants with the currently highest measured chlorophyll content and additionally offers a wide range of important vitamins and minerals, it is well suited to removing toxins from the body. Further, the beta carotene it contains in particular evidently protects against cell-damaging free radicals, which are partly responsible for ageing of the skin. Naturally, components of algae and plankton are therefore also increasingly being used in cosmetics for external application.

Hydro tip: Before the pinch test is after the pinch test
If you want to know what your water balance is like, there is a simple trick. Pinch the skin on the back of your hand between your thumb and forefinger and pull it upwards. Then let it go. If it quickly returns to a smooth surface, your water balance is ok. If not, drink more, ideally up to three liters of water a day. In addition, foods containing water are an ideal complement to drinking it and are a priceless wrinkle killer from the inside to boot.