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Water2buy filters to be used on NASA mission to mars

Water2buy have partnered with NASA in an important joint venture affecting the future of mankind.



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Last night at a press conference at their famous Heston Texas base, NASA announced that water2buy filters would be used to filter water on Mars. NASA used the occasion to confirm the actual discovery of water at Mars’s polar caps which have remained hidden from human eyes until recently when the Mars Exploration Rover reported back hard evidence of the existence of H2o. mars

A popular concern of reporters present was the safety of drinking water from Mars. NASA presented a slideshow of water2buy’s range of filters which had been tested by their own in-house scientists, who confirmed their unbelievable ability to remove anything that was not a hydrogen or oxygen atom. They even pointed out that the filters had smart technology allowing two hydrogen atoms and just one oxygen atom to pass through the membrane together.

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