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We just came to say HELLO.

Hi Water2buy Friends

We’ve been doing some thinking. (hey…easy on the jokes)

After lots of cups of tea and mountains of rich tea biscuits we’ve come up with this amazing realisation! We spend all out time wrapping up boxes, improving the website and generally running around frantically fulfilling filtration orders, that we’ve totally forgot to stop and say HELLO.

So we decided that every so often we’ll put pen to paper, or finger to key as it were, and say hi and give you a look inside what’s happening in our heads… again no jokes there please.

So to start off, this week we’ve been welcoming Finn into our world. Finn is our new mascot, he’s our Friendly DIY Dolphin, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of him around so feel free to tweet him @water2buy he loves meeting other mascots, and giving away prises for great tweets. Finn was almost called Dolphie, but that’s replacing an N with an E so it’s a bit lame really.

It’s a busy time of the year for us as coming up next week is “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday“. Those names may not have the same meaning to you as our US neighbors so here’s a little explanation of what it is.

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the USA. Thanksgiving is celebrated on fourth Thursday in November. Cyber Monday is the Monday following that weekend.

Great catchy names… so what?
Ok stay with me, traditionally shops open early, very early…like 4am, and put on huge 70%-80% discounts. This causes riot-like scenes in shops all over the US!
Seriously to us ‘controlled’ ‘level-headed’ people (ahem.. most of us..) on the eastern side of the Atlantic this is just amazing to watch as the chaos unfolds. I came across this video on YouTube  that shows in-store clips of the madness. I can’t say its funny but it’s one of those things that you can’t take your eyes off.

Cyber Monday came about with the growth of online shopping. Companies now offer the discounts and free gifts on their online stores so you get to avoid the bull run, sit in the comfort of your living room…or work..or wherever you do your online shopping, and buy at the discounted price. Sounds good to me… the discount without some angry person threatening to shove buzz lightyear into your outer space if you don’t BACKOFF!

Right, enough of the US drama. We’ll definitely be giving away free stuff this side of the Atlantic for Black Friday(29th Nov), (well we can’t have the Americans having all the fun now can we).
Look out for the deals emails next week,  we’ll send it to our existing customers first to make sure you get first choice before stock runs out.

Right that’s it for our first post, we hope you stay tuned for more fascinating filtration facts, funnies and fanfare…phew that’s more F’s than I hear from our store manager.

Have a great weekend.