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Why filtered water is better than bottled water

Doesn’t it seem mad to be buying water in bottles?

  • The concerns of people over the quality and safety of tap water led to the growth of the bottled water industry. These concerns are as real as ever.
  • Bottled water is not a healthy alternative to tap water. Some brands are actually just tap water bottled. There are also additional risks from plastic bottles.
  • Even if the water you choose is genuinely pure and health friendly the plastic bottle it’s been packaged in and the length of time it is stored before consumption can dramatically change its purity. Water languishes in a plastic bottle at the manufactures, at the warehouse, at the distributor and then at the retailers. This leaves ample time for components to leach out from the plastic container. This is a real concern.
  • There is the subject of price. A home filtration system can produce an unlimited supply of fresh water literally on tap, for a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Not to mention the hassle you save yourself by not having to drag heavy bottles from the supermarket.
  • Water filters from Clean Irish Water can solve the problems of both tap and bottled water by providing healthy, fresh, clean water at an economical price.