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Water filtration made easy

What’s easy?

“Water filtration made easy” is promise designed to breakdown barriers.

Easy to choose
You should find it easy to pick the product you need,
no confusing terms or endless variations of the same product.
We’ll give an easy answer to any question you have.Easy to buy
The price you see is the price you pay.
You don’t need an account if you don’t want one.
Pay any way you want, Google, Apple, Card, PayPal.
Refunds are full and immediate if you need one.Easy Free delivery & Easy Free returns
If you order over 50 ($£€) we’ll send it free
and fix the price at €10 if under. Everything is by tracked courier.
You’re in full control, if you don’t want it it’s free to send it back.Easy install & easyConnect App
If you can plug in a dishwasher you can install a Water2buy water softener,
if you can’t, we’ll install it for you with Water2Buy Pro installation service.
The easyConnect app gives you manuals, live help and demos in the palm of your hand.Easy for life
When you join us you become part of our family,
We truly don’t want to let you down…
when there’s a problem we’ll make the solution easy.
We start out with a 7 year warranty.

Sometimes we get it wrong.

We’re committed to our promise.
We are human after-all but that’s what makes us great to deal with.
We don’t stop and we won’t stop in our mission.
Thank you.