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Filter change & Service W2B EasyRO

Before changing your easy RO water filters turn off your water.
We recommend sanitising your filters and connections with a suitable food grade sanitiser.

Turn off the water supply to the easy RO.
Note that there will be residual water dripping from the system, so we recommend having a towel available.

Turn on the tap and leave running until complete.
Once the water stops coming from the tap you can start the filter change.
Twist the first filter to release.
Spray the replacement filter and the filter connection with a sanatiser.
Twist the filter closed.
Repeat the process with rest of the filters.

While changing your filters we recommend checking the pressure on your storage tank.
You can use a standard pressure gauge and pump.
The pressure should be 7psi (0.5 bar)
You can add pressure with a pump if required.

After installation turn back on your water supply and check for leaks.
We recommend flushing out the system with 10 litres of before using the water.
Turn on the tap, discoloration and air bubbles in the first 10 litres are normal.

Always check for leaks at least 3 times after installation.
Immediately, then 15 minutes then 1 hour.