125 PSI RO Booster Pump For Reverse Osmosis System

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W2B RO Pump


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      This Reverse Osmosis Booster Pump is designed to increase the water pressure into your reverse osmosis system by increasing output, efficiency and even the quality of the water produced.
      It is suitable for use with any brand of reverse osmosis unit with 1/4” pipe fittings

      Why add a booster pump?
      Because RO membranes become more efficient at their maximum working pressures the use of a booster pump can result in a marked reduction in the total dissolved solids (TDS) of the RO product water and therefore an increase in the purity of the water produced. In addition, as the efficiency of the membrane increases then less waste water will go into the drain. An RO membrane reaches its maximum working efficiency at around 70 psi. If your mains pressure is between 35-60 psi a booster pump will insure your membrane will be running at peak efficiency.

      Flow Rate (open flow): 1.2 litres per minute
      Pressure: 125 PSI (9 BAR)
      Voltage: 24 Volt