2 bags of salt | Salt bag bundle of 2 - Save 5%


Water2buy 25Kg Crystal Salt for all Water Softeners × 2

  • The Water2buy Crystal Salt is one of our high quality products and is suitable for all water softener brands. We offer efficient delivery at your doorstep whenever you need it for utmost convenience.
  • It contains more than 99.8% pure sodium chloride and is manufactured with the best quality crystal salt made from pure sources. It is completely additive free and is designed for use in both drinking and manufacturing food products.
  • The Water2buy Crystal Salt is a natural sea salt which dissolves fast helping in creating a clean and clear brine. The crystal salt is produced by natural evaporation which makes it environment friendly. Block/ Tablet salts are made from vacuum salt extracted from underground mines, which is a multi stage process requiring a lot of energy.
  • The product comes in of 25kgs bags. The packaging allows safe storage even after the first use. Water2buy crystal salt meets European standard EN973A the quality criteria for purity and the presence of heavy metals. It is tested & accredited as safe for human consumption.