Aqua Smart Ultra Violet Disinfection Bulb (under sink)

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Aqua Smart Under Sink Ultra Violet Disinfection Bulb. UV disinfection system destroys bacteria to a factor of 99.999%.   

It has been known for over a century (Schenk 1891) that the ultra violet wavelengths present in sunlight have germicidal effects. The practical utility of UV radiation for the control of organisms followed the devising of the mercury vapour lamp. This form of radient energy induces photochemical reactions involving biomolecules in micro-organisms. The resulting molecular alterations inhibit the growth of micro-organisms, and in higher concentration will kill them The most common method of generating UV radiation is by discharge lamps. Typically, a glass or quartz tube contains an inert gas plus a metal, usually mercury. Electrodes located at each end of the tube, may be cold or preheated. In either case an ignition voltage is required to begin the discharge. If the lamp burning voltage is less than half that of the line voltage, then the lamp can be started easily by means of ballast and starter. Lamps based on mercury / argon mixtures exhibit the highest efficiencies and are the best performing. During discharge, particularly at low pressures, mercury atoms in their excited states radiate mainly at wavelenghts of 184.9nm and 253.7nm resulting in the generation of UV light. UV-C is used primarily to destroy organisms. The 253.7nm light emitted by low pressure mercury discharge lamps can inactivate micro-organisms such as Protozoa, Bacteria, moulds, yeasts, viruses, fungi and algae. It is this type of lamp that is used primarily in the UV disinfections of water.   


How long does a UV bulb last?

We recommend a UV bulb is changed once per year, although the UV bulb will still be lighting after 1 year its effectives to destroy bacteria reduces thus risking the posibilty of your water becoming contaimaineted. 


Package contents:

  • 1 6W bulb
  • Manual Instruction

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1 review for Aqua Smart Ultra Violet Disinfection Bulb (under sink)

  1. paul Moran

    5 star rating. Installed it myself. Very pleased, great product, no complaints.

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