Aqua Smart™ Ultra Violet Disinfection Glass sleeve (whole house)

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Glass sleeve for Ultra Violet Disinfection system (whole house) with 22lpm flow rate.


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2 reviews for Aqua Smart™ Ultra Violet Disinfection Glass sleeve (whole house)

  1. Lvy

    Thoreau:A couple of thuoght. First, I would argue that your closing thuoghts on a 1/2 gallon per person per day (pppd) will turn out to be light, notwithstanding your daily experiment. In my opinion, and based on a bit of camping, etc., the gallon pppd is more in tune with TOTAL water usage, not just drinking. Keep in mind, there are other uses of water other than drinking such as cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, and clothes washing. Even in a SHTF scenario, you will still need water for these purposes, though you can be more sparing in its uses. Cooking alone can use a half liter to a liter pppd if you are using rice, beans, pasta, freeze dried or dehydrated food. Also, any sort of physical exertion, almost a certainty in a survival situation, will make one thirstier than normal.Second, be mindful of how one stores water. If storing store-bought bottles/jugs, avoid the cheap 1-gallon jugs with the translucent but not transparent plastic. That plastic is not designed for long-term storage and will start to breakdown, especially if placed on a concrete floor. While I have not stored such bottles, others have suggested they start to leak after about a year, less in less than ideal conditions. In my mind, the best store-bought containers are the clear plastic bottles which are very stable and available in all manner of sizes. In our basement, we store 3-liter Poland Spring bottles and use a rough bottle per person per day formula (a gallon is approximately 3.8 liters). Stored in a cool, dark, dry space, I have read that these bottles should keep water drinkable for years. However, at $1-1.50 per 3-liters at a typical market, these are not cheap. The better alternative is catching a super sale where you can by a case of 24 liter bottles for $3-$6. Much cheaper though, as you point out, will require a bit more storage space. Lastly, in addition to having 65 of the 3-liter bottles stored on racks, we also have bought two water filters. We have a pool in our backyard, a creek nearby feeding into a reservoir. Thus, we can augment the bottled water with filtered water from the wild . The two filters we have are a middle-of-the-line camping filter with a pump and a camp filter. The camp filter is a large fillable vinyl bag which feeds into a filtering unit and works on gravity. Slow but effective for large stationary usage. The pump filter is more for on the go and is kept with the gear we might need it we ever had to leave the house.I hope this proves helpful.Tom

  2. kevin


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Aqua Smart™ Ultra Violet Disinfection Glass sleeve (whole house) reviews

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