Water2buy Reverse Osmosis 500GPD Household or Commercial Tankless Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System w/ 1:1 Drain Ratio


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TOP CLASS WORKMANSHIP: At Water2Buy we have designed a 5-step RO water filtration system for safe & healthy drinking water. This incredible water filter removes over 99% of over 1000 water contaminants. Drink clean, healthy & fresh water from this alkaline remineralization water filter.
FAST AND EFFECTIVE: this modern water filter system is equipped with Patented Dual-Flow RO Membrane which offers consistent output flow with an exceptional 1:1 drain ratio High flow rate, smart control, and energy-saving. It can produce over 200 liters a day. Serves you with on-time filtered water, no storage.
EASY TO INSTALL & MAINTAIN: our home water filter gadget comes with a DIY chart that makes installation easy besides the quick installation fittings. It is packaged with a firm wrench for easy filter servicing. The leakage alarm helps service the filter as it beeps whenever there is leakage. Membrane lasts 1-2 years depending on the level of water hardness.
PREMIUM QUALITY COMPONENTS: the parts for this water filter system device have been tested and certified as healthy and meet the required FDA/CE standards. Get a Lead-free stainless steel gooseneck faucet, non-corrosive and free of odor and turbidity water filter – durable components for long time use.
100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Water2Buy is dedicated to offer a quality product, full of hygiene & meet customer satisfaction. If our product doesn’t meet the description above, feel free to ask for a refund. Backed with 3-year warranty & lifetime support contacts.


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