Water2Buy W2B200 Meter Water Softener + Install Kit + Free Drinking Water System


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Water2Buy W2B200 Efficient Meter Water Softener for 1-4 People – Home Filtration & Limescale Removal System

The W2B200 provides complete limescale-free water for a family of 1 - 4 and can generate approximately 1,250 litres of filtered soft water every day. It is engineered for both city and well water. This softener is equipped with an efficient digital meter control so it consumes less salt and water.

The size is 220 X 525 X 650 mm and is suitable for installation in a garage, basement or kitchen cupboard. It connects to your mains water supply and softens water in the entire home. Do allow space for hoses when planning your install. A power source is required, however only a tiny amount of power is consumed annually (Approx 20 euro/pounds).

Built to last, high strength corrosion resistant fiberglass, polyethylene tank, adjustable water hardness, and prefilled premium-grade ionX resin. The pre-fitted bypass valve will maintain optimal water pressure throughout your home. Use the free Water2Buy easyConnect app for easy setup.

Automatic self cleaning: The water softener quietly takes care of itself performing a regeneration cycle automatically when needed. This Meter Softener measures your water usage and only regenerates when necessary, making it more efficient. It regenerates at 3am when the water supply is not in use, so there is no impact on normal water usage. Approximately 37 litres of water is used during a regeneration.

What’s in the box: Water softener, Manual, UK power supply, EU power supply, 3/4inch (22mm) HIGH FLOW connection fittings, bypass valve (pre fitted), bypass lever, silicone

Stainless Steel Braided Hoses 3/4” (22mm) For Water Softeners & Water Filtration

Water2buy W2B50 Drinking Water System

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Get the superb Water2Buy W2B200 Water Softener for a great price and get these items worth 129 absolutely FREE

The full installation kit; Stainless steel hoses, Overflow hose, Waste Hose and Hardness Test Kit (worth 50)

AND the excellent W2B50 Drinking water system (worth 79)


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