Easy DIY Reverse Osmosis System with easy twist filters

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Easy RO Reverse Osmosis System

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      If you have decided on getting a reverse osmosis system, then the easyRO is the perfect product for you.
      The complete multi stage filter system produces high grade RO water, no compromises.

      • .05 micron membrane filters out bacteria, fluoride, chlorine, metals, drug residues and 100’s of other contaminants.
      • Easily connects to your existing cold water line, the system doesn’t require any power but requires a minimum 2 bar pressure.
      • The easyRO includes a full set of Water2Buy easy filters. Water2Buy easy filters are designed for easy DIY replacement in 5 minutes.
      • The easyRO is fully compatible with the easyConnect system, simply scan the QR code for instant access to the easyConnect app.

      What’s in the box Where can I get video demonstration of an install Which filters are used? How often do I have to replace the filters How much is delivery and returns Is there an install service? customer service? and warranty? WHERE CAN I INSTALL THE SYSTEM?? CAN THE SYSTEM BE CONNECTED TO MY KITCHEN TAP?? WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE NON-PUMPED AND PUMPED UNIT?? DOES THE REVERSE OSMOSIS UNIT SERVE THE WHOLE HOUSE??