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Easy1 Drinking Water Filter

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      The easy1 is the easy DIY self install drinking water filter for your home.

      • Produces great tasting water on tap similar to bottled water quality, jug filters or better.
      • Easily installs on your existing cold water line, the system doesn’t require any power and works even with low water pressure.
      • Removes chlorine and bad tastes and odors from your water.
      • Zero waste water.

      One easy1 filter cartridge will provide drinking water for the average home for 6-12 months.

      • easy1 comes with a extra replacement filter free. Replacing the filter is easy and takes 5 minutes.
      • Use the free Water2Buy easyConnect app for easy DIY setup and live guided help.
      • This package includes two long life reusable sports bottles, so you can continue to enjoy great tasting water on the go.

      We’re sure that love the easy1, if you don’t we’ll refund your money and you can keep your easy1.
      If you’ve ever thought about getting a water filtration system for your home, now is the time to do it yourself.


      What’s in the box Where can I get video demonstration of an install How much is delivery and returns Is there an install service? customer service? and warranty? WHERE CAN I INSTALL THE SYSTEM?? CAN THE SYSTEM BE CONNECTED TO MY KITCHEN TAP??