L-Series Pre-Filter(CPF-4-L)


£500.00(Inc Vat)

Intelligent touch screen control module, automatic self-cleaning flush, interval
days and duration of flushing can be manually set as needed, nanny-style
cleaning service

The module has low power consumption and can work well with a battery or
from a direct power source which is good for many different conditions.
Control module design with valve open&close self-inspection function,

automatic error alarm, completely eliminate the risk of leakage, modular design
for convenient after-sales service.

Dual pressure gauge shows the inlet pressure and steady pressure after

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Incorporated the third-generation patented cylinder
pressure regulation technology, innovational design,
automatically regulate the water pressure within 4 bars,
ensure the appliances after prefilter work within safe
pressure value.

Double acting cylinder pressure control, wider range of
pressure regulation, more accurate control.

Pressure control parts are brass forged, durable
performance has been improved by more than 10 times
compared with traditional diaphragm parts.



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