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Sani Well disinfects and destroys disease-causing organisms found in water. It can be used on new wells, wells that have had service work, cisterns, storage tanks and water lines. Use Sani Well in a dry pellet chlorinator or for temporary disinfection of private wells. Sani Well is EPA registered for the treatment of potable water supplies.

Features and Benefits

  • Chlorine is the most preferred means of disinfecting wells, storage tanks, and pipe lines after construction or repair has been completed. Chlorination of water supplies is the simplest and most widely accepted method of treating water for: iron algae, E. coli bacteria, disease-causing pathogens, oxidizing hydrogen sulphur and other odor-causing algae.


Technical Information

  • Pro-Chlor Pel comes as white pellets weighing 1 gram. The recommended chlorine concentration for the disinfection of a well is 200 ppm. To provide approximately 200 ppm chlorine residual in each 100 gal. of water treated, 1/4 lb. or 110 pellets must be added to the water. A chart showing the amount of water in various diameter water lines or well casings is printed on the bottle. The amount of chlorine needed is dependent on the amount of water that must be treated.



Calcium Hypochlorite (70%) – CAS# 7778-54-3


How to use it?

  • Shock treat the well to a chlorine residual level of 5 ppm by dropping pellets directly into the well.
  • Adjust chlorinator pellet feed rate to retain a chlorine residual of 0.6 to 3 ppm.
  • Test with kit provided with your chlorinator or purchased from dealer to determine chlorine residual.


How do I store and handle this product?

Store in tightly sealed, original container in a cool, well ventilated, dry place. Keep away from reactive materials, heat sources, sparks, flames and lighted tobacco products. Wash hands after handling. Read relevant Material Safety Data Sheet before handling this product

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