SoftTec Resin Cleaner and Water Hardness Annual Test Kit | Yearly maintenance to ensure your water softener is in working order


Water2Buy SoftTec Resin Cleaner 1L Bottle

Water2Buy SofTec resin cleaner make your water softener like new!

SofTec is the easy way to restore and maintain your water softener. Simply pour a single measure into the salt tank when the salt is low and run a regeneration. Regular use of SofTec will extend the life of your water softener resin.

SofTec removes iron, manganese, silt, metal particles and organic compounds from the resin.

Fouled resins can cause, pressure drop, loss of capacity, limescale and hardness. Failure to maintain the resin will stop your water softener from functioning and it will no longer be effective in removing limescale.

Softec comes in a long lasting 1Lt bottle and is universally suitable for all brands of water softener.

Water hardness testkit

Easy tesk kit for measuring water hardness. Commonly called limescale.

Test the level of hardness (calcium & magnesium) in your water
Dip the test strip in the water and compare to the indicator.
Perfect for checking your water hardness, also useful for making sure that your water softener is working.
Comes with table to give you an estimate of the level of hardness in your water.