Ultra Violet Disinfection System (whole house)

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The Ultra Violet disinfection systems are specifically designed for both residential and commercial buildings requiring the removal of bacteria.This process is accomplished without adding any harmful chemicals to your drinking water. The Ultra Violet disinfection systems are the most ecological way of treating your water for bacteria… and all this for just pennies a day!

  • Polished Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Philips Ultra Violet Bulb



Do i require a pre filter with this?

Yes, a 20 micron pre-filter is recommended to prevent the bacteria shielding behind particles in the water.


How does The Ultra Violet system work?

It has been known for over a century (Schenk 1891) that the ultra violet wavelengths present in sunlight have germicidal effects. The practical utility of UV radiation for the control of organisms followed the devising of the mercury vapour lamp. This form of radient energy induces photochemical reactions involving biomolecules in micro-organisms. The resulting molecular alterations inhibit the growth of micro-organisms, and in higher concentration will kill them. The method of generating UV radiation is by discharge lamps. The quartz tube contains an inert gas plus a metal, mercury. Electrodes located at each end of the tube, may be cold or preheated.


What is in the Ultra Violet bulb?

Lamps are based on mercury / argon mixtures these exhibit the highest efficiencies and are the best performing bulbs. During discharge, particularly at low pressures, mercury atoms in their excited states radiate mainly at wavelenghts of 184.9nm and 253.7nm resulting in the generation of UV light. UV-C is used primarily to destroy organisms. The 253.7nm light emitted by low pressure mercury discharge lamps can inactivate micro-organisms such as Protozoa, Bacteria, moulds, yeasts, viruses, fungi and algae. It is this type of lamp that is used primarily in the UV disinfections of water.


How much bacteria will a Ultra Violet Light destroy?

UV disinfection system destroys bacteria to a factor of 99.999%.

8 reviews for Ultra Violet Disinfection System (whole house)

  1. george ward

    I installed the product myself and give it 5 out of 5 rating. I has recommended it to friends. I think it’s very good product which I have for a number of years and does exactly what it’s suppose to.

  2. Dan Valtr – D??ín

    Nainstaloval jsem výrobek sám a doporu?il jsem ho p?átel?m. Myslím, že je to velmi dobrý produkt, který mám na n?kolik let a d?lá p?esn? to, co p?edpokládám.

  3. M.S. – Sib?ina

    Hledal jsem UV lampu na internetu. Jsme spokojeni. Doporu?ili bychom dále.

  4. J.V. – Rožmitál

    Náhodn? jsem nalezl na internetu. Ur?it? doporu?uji.

  5. micheal daly – cork

    Did it myself

  6. ann hession – galway

    got other thing done in my house to t sure what it cost

  7. Rory Mc Manus – monaghan

    installed it myself

  8. Rory Mc Manus – kent

    Installed it myself

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Ultra Violet Disinfection System (whole house) reviews

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