Pressure Tanks


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More Advanced Production Line: By Automatic Robots.
Higher Testing Standards and Requirements.
More safer and high quality material: Food Grade, HOPE Liner.
More Choice: over 120 sizes from 0517 to 6386.
More Customization: Brand, Color(blue, black, natural, grey, green) and Sizes.
More Certificates: NSF and ACS certificated, KTW and W270 is being applied.
More Packing methods: single box, large box and pallet packing.
Longer Warranty: 10 years for residential tanks and 5 years for commercial and
industrial tanks.
More combined components reduce costs: such as central tube, resin, cabinet etc.
Less Price and Faster delivery time

Full choice of pressure tank from 5″-63″ in diameter and from 13″-86″ in height
Top and bottom opening type available for some of pressure tanks
Reinforced composites are one third the weight of steel tanks
Scientific structure insures the base can endure impact and abrasion and
provides better performance
Nice appearance, constant dimension
We provide more accessories and fittings on water treatment related to
pressure tanks, save time and money for you

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